Hello! My name is Amelia Patsy.  I was born and raised near Erie, PA.  I began photographing at a very young age and made the decision during high school to pursue it as a profession. I decided to attend Alfred University, spending a semester to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  In 2010, I graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in black-and-white film photography and ceramic arts.  I’ve exhibited my black-and-white portfolio in a number of different galleries. Lately I have focused on portrait and wedding photography to help fund my film photography. This website will show you a selection of my photographic portfolio from each medium.


As it pertains to portrait and wedding photography, I approach each of my sessions and events from a journalistic standpoint.  My goal is to capture your special moments in one big story so that when you look back, you can remember all of the little things that made your moment great.  I especially love all the little details from family heirlooms and jewelry, to the tiniest of smirks on children’s faces.  The past several years have afforded me the opportunity to travel to many new places.  As such, I have photographed a number of weddings and portraits in Durham, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.  I am excited to continue to meet new people and have the honor to create lasting memories for my clients.